Why you should consider us as a food vendor?

Customer's Preference

We prioritize the comfort and the need of our vendors. Introducing a very easy and appealing interface for food vendors to manage menus in the most simplified way ever!.

Boast Sale

We make food vendors sell smartly to earn more and increase sales. With our strong marketing technique, we bring in more customers on a daily basis without stress, all orders comes in an organized manner into your whatsapp line.

Record Keeping

Keep track of all single records as you make sales, with us, you get to know your customer's review, foods that are selling well and those that are not, a daily, weekly and monthly analysis of your total sales presented in a very nice interface.

Join over 400+ food vendors nationwide.

Not just a vendor, be a smart one!

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Super Fast And Easy Management


I don't have a physical shop/store, can I still register?

You don't need to have a physical shop, provided you have a food product you are selling, we will be honour to have you in our community

How do CTtaste helps in advertisement?

Once you register with us, you automatically have an online store with us We then help you advertise and bring more sales to your busiiness

How about the price?

The good news is that you don't have to pay for all of these services We charge per each referral, and the money is coming from the customer we'll be referring to you 🥺🥰. But you can subscribe to our premium package to enjoy more

Our Packages

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Basic Plan


  • Free account
  • Unique link address
  • Proper record of orders

Starter Plan

35,000 / Mo

  • Starter account
  • Unique link address
  • Proper record of Orders
  • Basic Advertisement

Premium Plan

45,000 / Mo

  • Premium account
  • Unique link address
  • Standard Record System
  • Premium Advertisement
  • Management Tools

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