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No 1 Food Ordering platform
for students

Terms and Conditions

  1. As a food vendor, you must make sure that you'll be providing exactly what you sell with the exact price.
  2. You must note that for every order you get from us, there is a charge of NGN50 per order of which we will get to collect back from you on either weekly or monthly basis depending on your sales
  3. Please note that the platform is 100% free, you are not being charge for any of our service excpect the NGN50 per order.
  4. You are allowed to use the unique link generated after registration as your main website, but the page is liable to ads, which will always be communicated with you.
  5. Any fraudulent act or failure to deliver the food/menu of which you collect money for at the time specified will result to your account getting suspended or removed.
  6. Please note that your account will be rated based on customers reviews.
  7. Please note that CT-Taste will not collect any funds from your customers as all money will be paid to you directly in the account number you specified.